Committee Chairs

Arts & Letters Juanita Price
Deborah Curry
Building Development Michelle Robertson
Ella Brewer
Chapel Service/Brunch Lawanza Spears
Collegiate Transition Taskforce (CTT)
Natasha Osborne
Kandis Wyatt
Community Mobilization Keturah Raabe
Karen Turner
Delta Dear Outreach Barbara Powell Johnson
Gwendolyne Browne
Juanita Thompson
Distinguished Men Cookin’ with the Deltas Yvette Downs
Courtney Keeler
Elisabeth Jones
DST Community Forum and Scholarship Ceremony Xzaquoinett Warrick
EMBODI Sabrina Steward-Salters
Dawn Smith
Emergency Preparedness Erica Scavella-Hill
Financial Fortitude Jaida Moore
Shelley Graham
Founders Day Cynthia Leland
Wanda Jenkins
Fundraising and Resource Development Tamera Wells-Lee
GEMS E. Nickole Sharp
Cheryl Eason
Healthy Lifestyles Lisa Washington
Juanita Archer
Historian Marjorie Kinard
Information, Technology, and Communication Nicole Jordan
Michelle Leete
Tamera Wells-Lee
International Awareness Sabrina Steward-Salters
Membership Services Cherie Brown Jackson
Paulette Morgan
Dana Anderson
My Cry in the Dark
Roblyn Lewter
Tracey Campfield
Operation Sisterhood Barbara Route-Blazio
Chanelle Bonner
Pan-Hellenic Representatives Donna Campbell
Z. Melodee Hester
Serena Parks
Partnerships and Grants
Past Presidents’ Council Margaret Washnitzer  
Policies and Procedures Kathleen Sutherland
Lakisha Hall
Program Planning and Development Debra Coleman
Norma Bullock
Ayanna Hawkins
Venida Hamilton
Ritual and Ceremonies
Terri Carter
Jean Dutch Tate
Risk Management Sharon Purcell
Andrea Faust Asomani
Dawn Smith
Scholarship Andrea Williams
Karen Mitchell
Social Action Selerya Moore
Brenda Ruffin
Strategic Assessment
Ramona Edelin
Youth Anthology
Raine Bradley
Jan Burt
Capital Plan Giving Campaign
Venida Hamilton
Karen Jones-Herbert