WDCAC Officers and Executive Board 2016-2018

President Nichelle A. Poe president@wdcacdst.org
1st Vice President Cherie Brown Jackson 1stvp@wdcacdst.org
2nd Vice President Debra Coleman 2ndvp@wdcacdst.org
3rd Vice President  Tamera Wells-Lee 3rdvp@wdcacdst.org
Treasurer Ayoka Perkins-Knox treasurer@wdcacdst.org
Assistant Treasurer Marsha Johnson atreasurer@wdcacdst.org
Financial Secretary Sherrice Rucker finsecty@wdcacdst.org
Assistant Financial Secretary Novella Bridges afinsecty@wdcacdst.org
Recording Secretary Monica Bailey-Delissaint recsecty@wdcacdst.org
Assistant Recording Secretary Nicole Cammack arecsecty@wdcacdst.org
Corresponding Secretary Patricia Rhone-Stewart corrsecty@wdcacdst.org
Nominating Chair Kandis Y. Wyatt nominating@wdcacdst.org
Auditor Yvette Downs auditor@wdcacdst.org
Chaplain Lawanza Spears chaplain@wdcacdst.org
Historian Marjorie Kinard historian@wdcacdst.org
Sergeant At Arms Karla Gilchrist sergatarms@wdcacdst.org
Custodian of Properties Karen Jones Herbert custodian@wdcacdst.org
Parliamentarians Kathleen Sutherland & Lakisha Hall parliamentarian@wdcacdst.org
Building Development Chair Michelle Robertson buildingdev@wdcacdst.org
Operation Sisterhood Co-Chairs Barbara Route-Blazio sisterhood@wdcacdst.org
Protocol Chair Venida Hamilton protocol@wdcacdst.org
Risk Management Chair Sharon Purcell riskmgmt@wdcacdst.org
Ritual and Ceremonies Chair Terri Carter ritual@wdcacdst.org
Scholarship Chair Andrea Williams scholarship@wdcacdst.org
Social Action Chair Selerya Moore socialaction@wdcacdst.org
Information, Technology, and Communication Co-Chairs Nicole Greene, Michelle Leete & Tamera Wells-Lee technology@wdcacdst.org
Immediate Past President A. Chevelle Glymph Foster