June is Alzeheimers and Brain Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month is observed in June as an opportunity to spread the word about and discuss Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Throughout the month, the Alzheimer’s Association encourages people around the globe to support the movement by wearing purple and training their brains to fight the disease.


  1. It spreads the word. This month helps spread awareness about Alzheimer’s and other dementia along with the different kinds of care that people with the disease require. It motivates people to know more about the disease.
  2. It’s for the elders. People with Alzheimer’s or other dementia often withdraw from society and even family. This month promotes talking to them and reminding them that they are special.
  3. It propels research. Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month is a way to propel research and find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. When more people come together, things are achieved faster.

Learn more at https://www.alz.org/