International Awareness & Involvement

The Washington DC Alumnae Chapter (WDCAC) strives to increase international awareness and promotes participation and education of global issues. The International Awareness and Involvement Committee is dedicated to developing community programs designed to provide assistance, relief and resources to developing countries; as well as fostering local advocacy for social injustices and helping those in need. The chapter’s commitment to organizing change and encouraging cultural awareness is proudly demonstrated by its current initiatives and past projects.

Δ Blankets for Mandela – Project in support of Nelson Mandela International Day to crochet, knit, or quilt 6,700 blankets for donation to local shelters

Blanket Size:

Large/Adult blankets to measure 140 x 180 cm.
Medium/Child blankets to measure 120 x 160 cm.
Small/Baby blankets to measure 100 x 120 cm.

Δ World AIDS Day – Free HIV testing in the Washington DC community

Δ Partnership with the Malawi Embassy – Cultural exchange with Ambassador and staff

Δ Bless My Feel Project – Money raised for socks and shoes for school children in Sub-Sahara Africa

Δ Well Water Project in Malawi – Created lavatories with fresh water and hand sanitation

Δ Sanitary Pad Project – Raised money to purchase sanitary pads to support school attendance during a young women’s menstrual cycle

Δ Water and Education International (WEI) – Advocate and sponsor of WEI’s Humane and Environmental Latrine Project in Haiti

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