Physical and Mental Health

As an organization of predominately African American women, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is uniquely positioned to impact not only the well-being of its members but also the well-being of families and communities at large. Journey to Wellness: Committing Our Bodies to Physical and Mental Health is now the signature Physical and Mental Health call to action.  The initiative addresses the challenges of living holistic and healthy lives.  The three-pronged approach to Journey to Wellness includes: signature programs, Catching, Coping, Conquering; My Cry in the Dark; and Healthy Lifestyles.  Members have actively engaged in physical fitness and are taking an active interest in the welfare of their health.

The Journey to Wellness committee of Washington DC Alumnae Chapter (WDCAC) seeks to fulfill the initiatives identified by Grand Chapter within our local community and to educate our members about health issues that disproportionately affect African American women. The Committee strives to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of healthy lifestyle changes that affect longevity, morbidity and mortality. The committee also identifies organizational alliances for WDCAC that will work to bring awareness to health issues and develop and implement health-focused programs within the chapter and communities it serves. This includes partnering with other organizations in hosting health fairs for the residents of the District of Columbia. The goal is to increase knowledge of and application of strategies for improving nutrition, physical activity and weight management; therefore, improving health outcomes for African American families through referral to appropriate resources.

Journey to Wellness also is designed to elevate awareness of the mental health disorders that African American families are facing such as anxiety disorders, anger management issues, stress management, domestic violence, depression and substance abuse. Moreover, we seek to educate youth and families about the ethnic and racial disparities in consumers seeking mental health care treatment. The program also strives to dispel the negative stigma associated with mental health services and encourages African American youth and families to seek local, regional or national mental health resources as needed.

WDCAC also offers its members a physical wellness program known as Delta S.H.O.E. (Self-Care, Healthy Options and Exercise) and emotional wellness program, Mental Health Across the Lifespan; Self-Care (Fit to Serve).  These programs encourage members to make healthier choices; start meaningful dialogue on emotional wellness; and achieve work-life-delta balance.

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